Due to file corruption you'll have to click the links below to see the ending cutscenes on youtube:


Something is under your skin. It itches. Made in 10 days with RPGMaker MV for the ScreamMortality game jam. This was our first game jam and we learned a lot!

Content warnings:
Body horror (skin growths, inhuman mutation/transformation, eye trauma), rotting skin, insects, trypophobia, hypochondria.

Play time 5-10 mins

Story by Alannah Journeay (Me) and Brii (Twitter)
Writing & Programming by Brii
Drawings by Alannah
Sprites by Alannah & RPG Maker MV
Music by Rat Prince ( Youtube )


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i saw some gameplays it is very uncomfortable but very fun so i'll try it out so watching the gameplay is not better but playing for youself is


It wasn't very scary, but it did make me uncomfortable.

Honestly, the 'BAD END' and the 'TRUE END' are basically the same? I didn't find much difference between the two.

Anyways, good luck!


тоже прошла игру, после этого не могла смотреть на ковёр, у которого были такие штуки вверх

This such a great little game, pretty art, interesting short story and a pretty nice soundtrack, i love it.


hope this gets a sequel


I love the art.


As strange as it might seem, this game actually helped me come to terms with my own hypochondria. I confess to being constantly worried that [x] thing or [y] thing is going to happen to me. When the reality is much more mundane. Obviously that's not something that happens here, but in an odd way, this game helped me cope with my fears and anxiety. As for the game's narrative and atmosphere, it keeps this creeping sensation through out. And despite it's short length, it uses the time it has to really grip the players. The endings (which I won't spoil) also neatly climax the built up terror to those points. Very nicely done!

Not sure if you saw it on the bad ending vid, but I'll post it here.

Love the idea and premise of this game, but I'm curious - what spurred on the change between the bad ending and the true ending? In both of them, she reacts with the same horror - examining it means her scream "I HAVE TO KILL IT" and trying to disinfect makes her scream "GET OUT OF MY BODY," but she's very calm about it in the true ending. 

P.S. The roommate mentioned our M.C. by "El." Does she have a full name, like Elaine?


This is a great game! I really liked the plot, could you make a sequel with maybe more characters? if not then i completely understand! It's hard to make games, even with assets already available.

one question : what is the protagonist’s name?



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huh, I thought it was jam.

so the protags name is El..

whats the roommates name then? Do they even have a name?




i now feel itchy




Love the art! I would have love seeing more of the art! Nicely done. I was streaming while playing this game https://www.twitch.tv/migcreatesgames


Did anyone else get stuck on the mirror screen, or am I dumb


That can happen if you click or use the arrow keys while on the mirror screen! your character walks away from the mirror when that happens, and you can only exit the mirror scene by clicking the same place you entered it from.


Ok this game absolutely rocks!! You can really feel the urgency of the situation in which the character is in. The game makes it all  feel so real. I especially liked the inclusion of their roommate. Great game!


This game is soooo good!

really cool game :DD but after i ran away from the girl  it just showed me black screen :(( 

yeah me too , have u figured it out or something ?

I think you guys have to press the links? Like "Bad end" and "True end" the developer says the files were corrupted so you would have to watch the videos for the endings, I think

Yes the game should tell you what ending you get at the end!

i got true end

I have some mixed feelings on this.

The bulk of this game is amazing! But the endings seem kind of stale. (I also think you can't get either ending? And the only thing that separates them is just what link you click? Which is what threw me off the most.)

Within the game itself it should tell you if you got the bad or true ending based off the choices you made!

this was really cool, i also really like the art in this :)


Good game, great at making the player feel uneasy. overall I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see more!

Thank you very much!


weird, but cool

Thank you!



Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Not fun, not engaging, but it is just what first game jam experiences are for


Fair enough lol. Thanks for giving it a try!

wow, that's nice. 


well done, keep it up and thank you

Thank you!


this is really cool! this has such an interesting concept. the art and the music really add to the atmosphere. great job to the team behind this <3